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ICPH in Crain's New York Business

Crain's New York Business - 3/2014

ICPH President Ralph da Costa Nunez spoke with Crain's New York Business about the complexities surrounding gentrification in the South Bronx. This area is among the last in New York City to see its rents rise due to influxes of new residents who are being displaced from their own once-affordable neighborhoods. A recent ICPH policy brief entitled "The Process of Poverty Destabilization: How Gentrification is Reshaping Upper Manhattan and the Bronx and increasing Homelessness in New York City" provides further information on this trend.

Rapidly Rehousing Homeless Families

Rapid rehousing is now seen as the answer to solve family homelessness nationwide. The approach is based on the belief that once a family is housed, their problems are solved. In this video from our 2014 Beyond Housing conference, ICPH looks at how this one-size-fits-all policy has worked in New York City. Read our policy opinion brief on rapid rehousing here.

Databank: Homeless Students in the United States

Look for this Databank in our upcoming Spring 2014 issue of UNCENSORED.

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Today's Other Half
by Katie Linek

This April 28, 2014, Ethan Sribnick, ICPH senior research associate and co-author of The Poor Among Us: A History of Family Poverty and Homelessness in New York City, will participate in a panel discussion about poverty past and present at the Lower East Side Tenement Museum.

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