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ICPH Testimony at City Council Hearing on Homeless Students 2/4/16


Good afternoon. My name is Jennifer Erb-Downward, Principal Policy Analyst with the Institute for Children, Poverty and Homelessness (ICPH). ICPH is is an independent, New York City-based public policy organization that works on the issues of poverty and homelessness. The issue of student homelessness is complex and the numbers are stark. In the 2013-14 school year there were approximately 84,000 homeless students in New York City. Specifically, more than 28,000 lived in the city’s shelter system, and another roughly 49,000 doubled up with family or friends because of economic hardship, and approximately 7,000 are living in some other temporary location. The number of homeless students in New York City is equal to the total population of Trenton, New Jersey.

American Almanac of Family Homelessness 2015 Webinar: State Family Homelessness Rankings

On October 7, 2015 we held the "State Family Homelessness Rankings: What Do We Know, and What Can We Learn?” webinar, which featured discussions on how states identify and serve homeless children, from early education interventions to financial assistance to youth attending college, as well how states rank on the need for affordable housing, lack of accessible child care, discrimination against survivors of domestic violence, and food insecurity, from the new 2015 American Almanac of Family Homelessness.

State Homeless Family Policy Ranking/Food Insecurity Ranking—Louisiana

Executive Director of New York Cares Gary Bagley on Volunteering

Data from ICPH is cited in a new blog post by Gary Bagley, Executive Director of New York Cares.


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