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ICPH in the New York Daily News

New York Daily News - 7/2014

Director of ICPH Dona Anderson was quoted in an article in the New York Daily News focusing on the sharp increase in the number of homeless students in New York City. “We’re looking at a crisis. It’s a huge jump in numbers, especially for families who are doubling up and sharing living spaces,” said Anderson. ICPH today released a report that looks at the academic and behavioral challenges facing these students, as well as the impact of homelessness on their performance in school and their probable outcomes by 12th grade and beyond. The report is available online here.

Rapidly Rehousing Homeless Families

Rapid rehousing is now seen as the answer to solve family homelessness nationwide. The approach is based on the belief that once a family is housed, their problems are solved. In this video from our 2014 Beyond Housing conference, ICPH looks at how this one-size-fits-all policy has worked in New York City. Read our policy opinion brief on rapid rehousing here.

ICPH's Ralph da Costa Nunez on HuffPo Blog

Read the rest of President and CEO Ralph da Costa Nunez's post on the Huffington Post Blog here.

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Workforce Act Reauthorization Improves Employment Services for Homeless Jobseekers
by Alyson Silkowski

Homeless parents struggle to find and maintain employment.

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