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Ending Family Homeless Shelters As We Know Them

Urban Matters, Center for New York City Affairs - Ralph da Costa Nunez - 4/2016

Earlier this month, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio ordered a restructuring of how the nation’s largest city serves its most impoverished citizens: the homeless. With the city’s homeless population at a near-record high of almost 58,000 people – including, distressingly, almost 23,000 children – the mayor is absolutely right about the need for fresh thinking in meeting this challenge. Such reforms must go beyond this latest administrative reorganization. And the first thing that must change is the concept of the homeless shelter itself.

EdCast: Educating the Homeless Child

There are over 80,000 homeless children in New York City and their numbers are growing. On CUNY TV's EdCast, ICPH principal policy analyst Jennifer Erb-Downward provides an in-depth look at these hidden faces of homelessness including the myriad obstacles these children face in succeeding in school and what be done to reverse the disturbing effects of homelessness on children's education.

State Homeless Family Policy Ranking/Food Insecurity Ranking—Florida

It's Time to Talk Family Homelessness: Join our Twitter campaign

Today we launched #timetotalkhomelessness, our series of daily tweets on family homelessness.


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