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The Poor Among Us: A History of Family Homelessness in New York City

Conditions that perpetuate homelessness and poverty today have deep roots in America's past. In The Poor Among Us, Ralph da Costa Nunez and Ethan G. Sribnick explore the world of New York's poor children and families, from the era of European settlements to the present day: their physical and social environments, the causes of their poverty, and the institutions and social movements that evolved to improve and regulate their lives. This comprehensive history examines the successes and failures of past efforts to reduce poverty and homelessness, providing the historical context that is often lacking in contemporary policy debates.

"★★★★★," Clarion Reviews


Ears Up, Ears Down: A Dog's Journey Home

"Children who read this book will deeply feel its impact, and it won’t be soon forgotten." (ReelMama.com)

When Jim’s Junkyard is closed, Ears Up, Ears Down is left without a home. He spends a night with a family living in their car before arriving at a tent city full of homeless families. Embark on a journey with the curious dog as he makes new friends, overcomes difficulties, and finally finds a place to call home.


Ears Up, Ears Down: Activity Book

Along his journey to find a new home, the adventurous dog Ears Up, Ears Down makes new friends and explores different places. Complete the activities to learn, just like he did!


A Shelter is Not a Home ... Or Is It? — REVISITED

A Shelter is Not a Home … Or Is It? — REVISITED, released January 2010, is an updated second edition of Dr. Ralph da Costa Nunez's much-lauded 2004 book that explores lessons learned and lessons forgotten on issues that drive family and child homelessness in New York City, and in other urban areas across the country. This revised work builds on the first edition in light of today's economic conditions, covering additional developments in city homelessness and housing policies during the Bloomberg administration.


Home at Last: Stories for Children about Homelessness

Based on the children's books by Ralph da Costa Nunez, Home at Last: Stories for Children about Homelessness is a collection of animated videos on family homelessness and poverty for grades K-5, together on one DVD.


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