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A research-driven blog on child and family homelessness.

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It's Time to Talk Family Homelessness: Join our Twitter campaign

Today we launched #timetotalkhomelessness, our series of daily tweets on family homelessness. Join us Mondays through Fridays to learn about the daily topics listed below. We look forward to an engaging conversation.

Executive Director of New York Cares Gary Bagley on Volunteering

Data from ICPH is cited in a new blog post by Gary Bagley, Executive Director of New York Cares. In the post, Bagley reminds New Yorkers that they have the power to help the homeless by rolling up their sleeves and volunteering. 

See Creativity and Innovation in Action

ICPH’s 2016 Beyond Housing Conference is right around the corner. For those signed up for pre-conference activities, they will tour sites in New York City and the surrounding area that provide direct service or opportunities to homeless, formerly homeless, or at-risk youth, children, and families. This is one of the most popular parts of our conference and unfortunately there’s already a wait list. This year the tours feature programs with a range of creative approaches that include art education and retail baking, but also effectively cover critical areas such as education and access to social services. Read on to learn more about these inspiring programs

Kick Off the New Year at ICPH Conference with Author Linda Tirado

Every day at ICPH, we think, write, and work to support families struggling with poverty and homelessness. Rarely, though, do we have the opportunity to hear from someone who has lived this struggle themselves and has the ability to translate the reality, and the misconceptions, of what it means to poor in America in the captivating and relatable manner of Linda Tirado. 

HOPE for Children and Families in New York City Tier II Shelters: HIV Prevention for Parents and Early Adolescents
by Nisha Beharie, Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, National Development and Research Institutes, Inc., and Angela Paulino, Project Coordinator, McSilver Institute for Poverty Policy and Research at NYU Silver School of Social Work

Youth living with their families in shelters are, based on the research, at increased risk for participating in early sexual behavior, substance use, as well as additional negative health outcomes relative to their non-homeless peers. Mary McKay, PhD, Professor and Director at the McSilver Institute for Poverty Policy and Research at NYU Silver School of Social Work realized, however, that none of the earlier research had included youth living in family shelters when examining the efficacy of interventions to prevent youth HIV infection and substance use. The HOPE program was designed to fill that gap, and is informed by the knowledge that homelessness both disrupts naturally existing family supports, with parental leadership and authority undermined within the shelter, and presents added stressors, including residential flux, disruption in schooling, and the stigma associated with homelessness.

From the Corners of Our Country: Addressing the Challenges Faced by Homeless Families

Between 2006 and 2012, the number of homeless students in Ohio increased by 75%. In Washington, the state ranked highest in our American Almanac of Family Homelessness for identifying homeless students, the increase in child homelessness was almost 82%, even while other homeless populations decreased. Nearly one in five adults exited homelessness programs in Tennessee with without any income or social safety net benefits. Family homelessness remains a serious issue across the United States; at the same time, important and ground-breaking work is taking place in diverse corners of our country to address the challenges faced by homeless families.

Keynote Profile: Dr. Peter Miller

“Student homelessness is no longer just an urban issue, but one that is seen in schools across diverse settings,” says Peter Miller, PhD., a keynote speaker for the 2016 Beyond Housing conferenceThe number of homeless children in U.S. public schools reached a record national total of 1.36 million in the 2013-2014 school year, an 8 percent increase from 2012-2013 and a 15 percent increase from the year before that[1]

The Solutions to Family Homelessness Are Beyond Housing
by Maripat Finigan

In a little over two months, service providers, policymakers, researchers, and practitioners from across the country will come together in New York City for our Beyond Housing 2016 Conference. The event convenes those on the front lines at shelters and school systems, those crafting the policies, and those researching the solution to discuss best practices and share insights on how to address the issue of family homelessness with tools that stem far beyond simply housing.

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