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The Nation's Pressure Gauge Is Rising on Family Homelessness
Huffington Post - Ralph da Costa Nunez - 12/2015

Rapid Rehousing Is Not the Only Option for Families
Huffington Post - Ralph da Costa Nunez - 9/2015

The Cost of Not Investing in After-School Programs for Homeless Students
Huffington Post - Ralph da Costa Nunez - 5/2015

The Dollars and Sense of a Basic Education
Huffington Post - Ralph da Costa Nunez - 3/2015

Reject the Status Quo to Break the Cycle of Homelessness
Huffington Post - Ralph da Costa Nunez - 10/2014

When It Comes to Homeless Students, Should the Sky Be the Limit?
Huffington Post - Ralph da Costa Nunez - 9/2014

Two Cities, Two Students: One Future?
Huffington Post - Ralph da Costa Nunez - 7/2014

Failure at the Finish Line: How the Bloomberg Administration Increased Family Homelessness
Huffington Post - Ralph da Costa Nunez - 12/2013

When the Right to Shelter Isn't Quite Right
Huffington Post - Ralph da Costa Nunez - 7/2013

The Story of the Low-income Housing Shortage in America
Huffington Post - Ralph da Costa Nunez - 11/2012

A Fair and Practical Right to Shelter
Huffington Post - Ralph da Costa Nunez - 8/2012

America's Contemporary Depression
Huffington Post - Ralph da Costa Nunez - 7/2012

Pittsburgh: A Model for Addressing Child Homelessness
Huffington Post - Ralph da Costa Nunez - 5/2012

This Week in Poverty: Will Pennsylvania Rip Another Hole in the Safety Net?
The Nation - 4/2012

Food Stamp Shortfall Linked to Homelessness
City Limits - 4/2012

ICPH Brief Finds Black Families and Women Overrepresented Among Poor and Homeless Populations
McSilver Institute for Poverty Policy and Research - 4/2012

"How to End the Cycle of Homelessness" ... A Work in Progress
The Surreal Estate - 3/2012

Unacceptable: Black family homelessness on the rise
Amsterdam News - 3/2012

State and County homeless numbers rise
Miami Times - 3/2012

This Week in Poverty: Welfare Reform—From Bad to Worse
The Nation - 3/2012

Black Families Seven Times More Likely to Be Homeless Than Whites: Study
Huffington Post - 3/2012

Homelessness: It's About Race, Not Just Poverty
City Limits - 3/2012

White have 20 times more $ than blacks
CNNMoney - 3/2012

Report Finds Black Families Greatly Overrepresented Among U.S. Homeless
Colorlines - 3/2012

Notched-down Generation
The Huffington Post - 2/2012

ICPH Policy Analyst Beth Hribar on "OPEN"
BronxNet Community Television - 2/2012

"A New Path" to Reduce Homelessness
New York Nonprofit Press - 1/2012

Plan Calls for Longer Shelter Stays

Interview with ICPH President Ralph da Costa Nunez
"Wright on the Edge," WOL 1450 AM - 12/2011

How some homeless 'helpers' are actually doing harm
New York Post - 12/2011

As America Honors Its Heroes, We Can Do More for Homeless Women Veterans
Huffington Post - 11/2011

For Homeless Students, Transitional Shelters Must Be Used as a Tool, Not a Roadblock
The Huffington Post - 11/2011

Poverty and family homelessness are up in Bergen County
Bergen Record - 11/2011

Homeless Families
New York Times - 11/2011

Does 'Housing First' Put Families Last?
The Huffington Post - 9/2011

Activist's harsh words make waves
Philadelphia Inquirer - 9/2011

Interview with ICPH President and CEO Ralph da Costa Nunez
Breakfast Club, WCUB Radio - 8/2011

Poll finds Bronx residents most worried in city about becoming homeless
Daily News - 7/2011

Interview with ICPH Principal Policy Analyst Matthew Adams
WBAI Evening News - 7/2011

Homelessness on the Mind
Coalition for the Homeless - 7/2011

An Interview with ICPH President Ralph da Costa Nunez
Sunday Morning with Bill Salter, WFAN Radio - 6/2011

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like A Christmas Carol
The Huffington Post - 12/2010

School Closure Hit Homeless Students Hard, Study Finds
Education Week - 9/2010

One Size Does Not Fit All: Rapid Rehousing and Homeless Families
The Huffington Post - 7/2010

A Shelter for Families in Need of a Push
New York Times - 3/2010

City put homeless into foreclosed homes and illegally converted apartments
Daily News - 2/2010

City put family in apt. hell: Rats, lead paint and alleged sex abuse by Brooklyn building's landlord
Daily News - 1/2010

In the Trenches: How Communities Are Faring in the Era of Rapid Re-housing
Are We Creating Chronic Homelessness? The Past, Present, and Future of Federal Homelessness Policy
On The Map: The Atlas of Student Homelessness in New York City 2016

Milk from the Heart in Action
This film by Jorge Gomez goes behind the scenes of Milk from the Heart, a program from social service provider Homes for the Homeless providing free, fresh milk to needy families in New York City. Families explain how the program helps provide a nutritious diet for their children. To learn more about Milk from the Heart, see "Milk from the Heart: Working to Eradicate Food Insecurity from Inside the Heart of New York City," in UNCENSORED vol 2.2.
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