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The Nation's Pressure Gauge Is Rising on Family Homelessness
Huffington Post - Ralph da Costa Nunez - 12/2015

Rapid Rehousing Is Not the Only Option for Families
Huffington Post - Ralph da Costa Nunez - 9/2015

The Cost of Not Investing in After-School Programs for Homeless Students
Huffington Post - Ralph da Costa Nunez - 5/2015

The Dollars and Sense of a Basic Education
Huffington Post - Ralph da Costa Nunez - 3/2015

Reject the Status Quo to Break the Cycle of Homelessness
Huffington Post - Ralph da Costa Nunez - 10/2014

When It Comes to Homeless Students, Should the Sky Be the Limit?
Huffington Post - Ralph da Costa Nunez - 9/2014

Two Cities, Two Students: One Future?
Huffington Post - Ralph da Costa Nunez - 7/2014

Failure at the Finish Line: How the Bloomberg Administration Increased Family Homelessness
Huffington Post - Ralph da Costa Nunez - 12/2013

When the Right to Shelter Isn't Quite Right
Huffington Post - Ralph da Costa Nunez - 7/2013

The Story of the Low-income Housing Shortage in America
Huffington Post - Ralph da Costa Nunez - 11/2012

A Fair and Practical Right to Shelter
Huffington Post - Ralph da Costa Nunez - 8/2012

America's Contemporary Depression
Huffington Post - Ralph da Costa Nunez - 7/2012

Pittsburgh: A Model for Addressing Child Homelessness
Huffington Post - Ralph da Costa Nunez - 5/2012

This Week in Poverty: Will Pennsylvania Rip Another Hole in the Safety Net?
The Nation - 4/2012

Food Stamp Shortfall Linked to Homelessness
City Limits - 4/2012

ICPH Brief Finds Black Families and Women Overrepresented Among Poor and Homeless Populations
McSilver Institute for Poverty Policy and Research - 4/2012

"How to End the Cycle of Homelessness" ... A Work in Progress
The Surreal Estate - 3/2012

Unacceptable: Black family homelessness on the rise
Amsterdam News - 3/2012

State and County homeless numbers rise
Miami Times - 3/2012

This Week in Poverty: Welfare Reform—From Bad to Worse
The Nation - 3/2012

Black Families Seven Times More Likely to Be Homeless Than Whites: Study
Huffington Post - 3/2012

Homelessness: It's About Race, Not Just Poverty
City Limits - 3/2012

White have 20 times more $ than blacks
CNNMoney - 3/2012

Report Finds Black Families Greatly Overrepresented Among U.S. Homeless
Colorlines - 3/2012

Notched-down Generation
The Huffington Post - 2/2012

ICPH Policy Analyst Beth Hribar on "OPEN"
BronxNet Community Television - 2/2012

"A New Path" to Reduce Homelessness
New York Nonprofit Press - 1/2012

Plan Calls for Longer Shelter Stays

Interview with ICPH President Ralph da Costa Nunez
"Wright on the Edge," WOL 1450 AM - 12/2011

How some homeless 'helpers' are actually doing harm
New York Post - 12/2011

As America Honors Its Heroes, We Can Do More for Homeless Women Veterans
Huffington Post - 11/2011

For Homeless Students, Transitional Shelters Must Be Used as a Tool, Not a Roadblock
The Huffington Post - 11/2011

Poverty and family homelessness are up in Bergen County
Bergen Record - 11/2011

Homeless Families
New York Times - 11/2011

Does 'Housing First' Put Families Last?
The Huffington Post - 9/2011

Activist's harsh words make waves
Philadelphia Inquirer - 9/2011

Interview with ICPH President and CEO Ralph da Costa Nunez
Breakfast Club, WCUB Radio - 8/2011

Poll finds Bronx residents most worried in city about becoming homeless
Daily News - 7/2011

Interview with ICPH Principal Policy Analyst Matthew Adams
WBAI Evening News - 7/2011

Homelessness on the Mind
Coalition for the Homeless - 7/2011

An Interview with ICPH President Ralph da Costa Nunez
Sunday Morning with Bill Salter, WFAN Radio - 6/2011

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like A Christmas Carol
The Huffington Post - 12/2010

School Closure Hit Homeless Students Hard, Study Finds
Education Week - 9/2010

One Size Does Not Fit All: Rapid Rehousing and Homeless Families
The Huffington Post - 7/2010

A Shelter for Families in Need of a Push
New York Times - 3/2010

City put homeless into foreclosed homes and illegally converted apartments
Daily News - 2/2010

City put family in apt. hell: Rats, lead paint and alleged sex abuse by Brooklyn building's landlord
Daily News - 1/2010

On The Map: The Atlas of Student Homelessness in New York City 2016
HUD's Family Options Study: Revisiting the Preliminary Results
Overlooked: The Far-Reaching Consequences of Late Identification of Homeless Students for Special Education Services

Milk from the Heart in Action
This film by Jorge Gomez goes behind the scenes of Milk from the Heart, a program from social service provider Homes for the Homeless providing free, fresh milk to needy families in New York City. Families explain how the program helps provide a nutritious diet for their children. To learn more about Milk from the Heart, see "Milk from the Heart: Working to Eradicate Food Insecurity from Inside the Heart of New York City," in UNCENSORED vol 2.2.
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