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ICPH’s empirical social science research reflects the growing prevalence of child and family homelessness in America, examining nationwide trends across 50 states as well as local case studies in individual communities. We seek to determine the causes of child and family homelessness, both individual and systemic, as well as the consequences and social context of this widening public policy challenge. Our research considers a range of factors, including housing, employment, education, health, and child welfare.

Our goal is to produce evidence-based, action-oriented research that will educate the public, engage service providers, and influence public policy. In addition to our published research, our scholars write articles for peer-reviewed journals, and present their research to audiences of academics, service providers, and policy makers at local and national conferences across the country. ICPH also fosters a national dialogue by drawing leaders in the field of family homelessness to regular symposia, most recently our 2010 conference in Philadelphia.

ICPH’s National Survey of Programs and Services for Homeless Families is a rich online resource for service providers, advocates, researchers, and policy makers working in the field of family homelessness. The Web site provides a state-by-state snapshot of the interconnections between government and nonprofit work to end family homelessness. Users can navigate the Web site to gain essential perspective on how family homelessness varies across the 50 states.

Profiles of Risk, a recent research series from ICPH, reflects our national perspective on family homelessness. Using data from the national Fragile Families at Child Wellbeing Study conducted by Princeton University, the series distinguishes between homeless families and similar low-income families that maintain stable housing, using criteria including education, family structure, and more.

ICPH publishes UNCENSORED: American Family Experiences with Poverty and Homelessness three times per year. This magazine, written for a broad audience, provides on-the-ground reporting from around the country on how poverty and homelessness have affected families and communities. ICPH researchers also contribute facts and analysis to provide a research context for the magazine’s reporting.

The Journal of Children & Poverty (JCP) publishes original research on education, health, public policy, and the socioeconomic causes and effects of poverty. JCP seeks papers that will influence policy and practice in the fields of child and family welfare, and targets an audience that includes policy makers, academics, and community leaders. The Taylor & Francis Group publishes JCP biannually.

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