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Before the 1980s, homelessness in New York City appeared to be an isolated and answerable problem. But over the following three decades, despite the efforts of four mayoral administrations, the problem only grew exponentially, even as it changed demographically. Today, single mothers and children have increasingly become the face of homelessness.

ICPH has worked in New York City since our founding, and the city and surrounding area remain integral to our work. Our strong ties to the New York Metropolitan Area give ICPH valuable insight into the complex network of social service providers, government agencies, and community advocates working to alleviate family homelessness here. This background informs our research with an understanding of the unique challenges posed by homelessness in New York City.

In keeping with our mission to let evidence guide debate and policy discussion, ICPH researchers will occasionally present strong, research-based arguments about the direction of public policy in the City. Our opinion briefs are designed to foster rigorous discussion, in keeping with our belief that the broadest possible consideration of evidence produces the best policy results.

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