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The American Almanac of Family Homelessness is a comprehensive resource that analyzes key issues surrounding homelessness among families with children, highlights successful programs and practices at the state and local levels, and features groundbreaking initiatives from across the country. Read an overview of the Almanac here.

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Issue by Issue

The Roads Too Often Traveled: Perceived Causes of Family Homelessness PDF »
Housing Permanency for Extremely Low-income Families PDF »
Foreclosures and Homelessness: Understanding the Connection PDF »
The Interconnectedness of Homeless Family Subpopulations PDF »
The Struggles of Homeless Minority Families PDF »
Housing Assistance for Survivors of Domestic Violence PDF »
Poor Health in Homeless Families Has Far-reaching Consequences PDF »
Rural Homeless Families: Undercounted and Underserved PDF »
Head Start's Positive Impact on Homeless Families PDF »
Improving Special Education Services for Homeless Students with Disabilities PDF »
Homeless Youth: Out of Sight, Out of Mind PDF »
Federal Aid for Homeless Students PDF »
A Review of Statewide Plans to End Homelessness: Recommendations from the Field PDF »
Homeless Families Shortchanged in the Federal Budget PDF »
Misinformed Policy: Phasing Out Transitional Housing for Families PDF »
Transitional Housing: An Essential First Step to Employment for Homeless Families PDF »
The Beginning of the End of Transitional Housing PDF »
The Proper Roles of Prevention and Rapid Re-housing in the Homeless Services System PDF »
Improving SSI/SSDI Enrollment PDF »
Food Insecurity and Homeless Families: Improving SNAP and WIC Enrollment PDF »
TANF and Homeless Families: The Big Disconnect PDF »

State by State

Guide to State Articles
Alabama PDF »
Alaska PDF »
Arizona PDF »
Arkansas PDF »
California PDF »
Colorado PDF »
Connecticut PDF »
Delaware PDF »
District of Columbia PDF »
Florida PDF »
Georgia PDF »
Hawaii PDF »
Idaho PDF »
Illinois PDF »
Indiana PDF »
Iowa PDF »
Kansas PDF »
Kentucky PDF »
Louisiana PDF »
Maine PDF »
Maryland PDF »
Massachusetts PDF »
Michigan PDF »
Minnesota PDF »
Mississippi PDF »
Missouri PDF »
Montana PDF »
Nebraska PDF »
Nevada PDF »
New Hampshire PDF »
New Jersey PDF »
New Mexico PDF »
New York PDF »
North Carolina PDF »
North Dakota PDF »
Ohio PDF »
Oklahoma PDF »
Oregon PDF »
Pennsylvania PDF »
Rhode Island PDF »
South Carolina PDF »
South Dakota PDF »
Tennessee PDF »
Texas PDF »
Utah PDF »
Vermont PDF »
Virginia PDF »
Washington PDF »
West Virginia PDF »
Wisconsin PDF »
Wyoming PDF »

Ideas in Action

Unique Funding PDF »
Early Childhood Development Programs PDF »
After-school Enrichment Programs PDF »


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