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Volume 6.3 - Fall 2015

The Digital Divide
By Katie Linek
Bringing Low-income Students to the Cutting Edge of Technology
Access to technology can change the life of a homeless or at-risk child. “The Digital Divide” explores the technology gap that currently exists between low-income students and their peers, and highlights a few of the many organizations that are narrowing that gap by improving low-income students’ access to technology and computer science education.
Changing Lives with a Knock on the Door
By Lauren Blundin
Home Visiting Programs for Struggling Families
Home visiting programs offer support and education to new and expectant parents. “Changing Lives with a Knock on the Door” highlights several home visiting programs and models while telling the stories of families whose lives have been changed by the nurses and other professionals who helped them to raise healthy children.
‘Middle Class by Middle Age’
By Lauren Weiss
Atlanta Nonprofit City of Refuge Uses Strategic Planning to Break the Cycle of Poverty for the Long-term
“Middle Class by Middle Age” takes an in-depth look at City of Refuge in Atlanta and how they are addressing the booming suburban poverty rate with innovative culinary and automotive social enterprises.


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On the Homefront
Eating Well Should Be a SNAP

Homelessness and Young Children

National Perspective
How Effective Is Your Community at Identifying Homeless Children?

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