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Volume 5.1

A Sweet Mission
By Mari Rich
The Greyston Foundation Bakes Brownies and Builds Lives
Drew knew that upon his release it would be difficult to find legitimate work because of his criminal record. Then he remembered hearing about the Greyston Bakery, a Yonkers-based facility with an unusual policy its management calls “open hiring.”
Bringing Child Homelessness into Focus
By Craig Blankenhorn
A Photo Essay
I began taking pictures of homeless families in January 2012, hoping to put a face to the often invisible and forgotten people combating this growing issue. By documenting their daily struggles, I try to show the real people and real suffering that make up the much broader issue of homelessness.
The Historical Perspective
By Ethan G. Sribnick
A History of Inequality in New York City
While the percentage of the country’s wealth concentrated among its top earners has been on the rise for four decades, New York is one of the most striking examples of American inequality: among the nation’s 30 largest cities, it is home to the biggest income discrepancies.


Resources and References


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The National Perspective
Preventing Homelessness Among Foster Care Youth through Discharge Planning

Guest Voices
Homelessness and the Law: A Community Comes Together to Defend Homeless Citizens of the Nation's Capital

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