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Volume 7.2 - Summer 2016

Working Together
By Katie Linek
How a Class Project Became Much More
A group of West Point cadets developed a greater understanding of family homelessness while providing much-needed mentoring to a group of children in a New York City shelter.
In the Trenches
By Robin D. Schatz
How Communities Are Faring in the Era of Rapid Re-Housing
"In the Trenches" examines rapid rehousing where the rubber hits the road, recounting experiences in cities and communities across the nation and taking a closer look at where it works and where it does not.
A Better Life for the Whole Family
By Mari Rich
The Two-Generation Approach
Our House in Little Rock, AR uses the two-generation approach to address the needs of the whole family.


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National Perspective
The Every Student Succeeds Act Improving Access and Achievement for Homeless Students

Guest Voices
Barbara Duffield: Are We Creating Chronic Homelessness?

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