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Volume 5.2

Getting Families on Their Feet
By Caitlin C. Schnur and Chris Warland
Steps for Integrating Employment Programming into Homeless Services
The core principle of the Chicago-based National Transitional Jobs Network (NTJN) is that family-sustaining employment is crucial to keeping households stably housed and independent. The writers of this article, both NTJN representatives, present service providers with time-tested ways of helping clients escape homelessness by finding and keeping jobs.
Keeping Trauma at Bay
By Carol Ward
Parent and Child Well-being Is Key at Compass Family Services
In San Francisco, one of the nation’s most expensive places to live, affordable housing is out of reach for many families. Compass Family Services supports homeless households in areas including shelter, education, and rental assistance — services that are all rooted in the mission of helping parents and children heal from the trauma they have experienced.
The Invisible Victims
By Alyson Silkowski
Children of Promise, NYC Supports Young Sons and Daughters of Incarcerated Parents
More than two million children in the U.S. have a father or mother who is imprisoned. The innovative Brooklyn-based organization Children of Promise, NYC provides an after-school program, counseling, and other support to this underserved population in New York City — services that are replicable in other areas where they are sorely needed.


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