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Rapid Rehousing No Silver Bullet Against Family Homelessness

City Limits - Ralph da Costa Nunez - 6/2015

In a new op ed in City Limits, Institute for Children, Poverty, and Homelessness President Ralph da Costa Nunez challenges prevailing assumptions about the success of housing first- and rapid rehousing-type policies across the city and the nation. Read the full op-ed.

"For over thirty years homeless policies have been driven by one shortsighted housing initiative after another, ignoring the fact that family homelessness has never been only about the need for housing. The real issue is providing stable housing to homeless families whose homelessness stems from a number of reasons other than the availability of housing, including domestic violence and incomplete educations. These problems need to be addressed before stability can be achieved, and no housing first policy will achieve that."
                                                                            -Ralph da Costa Nunez

Quick Look: On the Map

Family homelessness in New York City is at an all-time high. If you only have one minute, use it to take a Quick Look at ICPH’s most recent report, which reveals the scope of family homelessness in every New York City neighborhood and ranks city council districts by the number of family shelter units. Stay tuned for more Quick Looks by neighborhood.

What keeps homeless kids out of class?

Measuring What Matters for Homeless Students
by Martha Larson, Alyson Silkowski, and Tom Hilliard

What gets measured gets managed.


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