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Rapidly Rehousing Homeless Families: New York City—a Case Study


Rapid rehousing or "housing first" has been heralded as the answer to ending family homelessness. New York City has the longest history with using rapid rehousing as a tool for placing homeless families into permanent housing. In this opinion brief, ICPH President and CEO Ralph Nunez points to New York City as a case study and takes a critical look at the long-term impact of federally driven rapid-rehousing policies. The brief raises fundamental questions about the effectiveness of rapid rehousing as a solution when it is used in a one-size-fits all manner.

The Atlas of Student Homelessness in New York City

When a Solution Is Also Part of the Problem: The Complex Relationship Between Public Housing and Family Homelessness

The Invisible Majority: Doubled-up Students in New York City Public Schools

Average Length of Stay for Families in Shelter (NYC—by fiscal year)

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