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Federal Funding Essential to Finding and Aiding Homeless Students


The number of homeless students nationwide increased by 38% between the 2006-07 and 2009-10 school years to nearly one million children. Due in part to the economic downturn, this unparalleled rise is also a result of school districts heightened efforts to identify and serve students. Despite the recent federal stimulus assistance, less than one in five districts receive federal homelessness monies, highlighting the need to permanently increase funding levels.

Empty Seats: The Epidemic of Absenteeism Among Homeless Elementary Students

The Invisible Majority: Doubled-up Students in New York City Public Schools

Meeting the Child Care Needs of Homeless Families: How Do States Stack Up?

Number (2010) and Percent Change (2006-10) of Homeless Students

Primary Nighttime Residence
(by school year and percent change)

Education for Homeless Children and Youth Funding
(by federal fiscal year in 2010 dollars)

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