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A Tangled Web: Homeless Family Subpopulations and Their Overlapping Needs


Homeless families often have intense service needs resulting from mental illness, substance abuse, HIV/AIDS, domestic violence, and veteran status. Unfortunately, most reports depict families as a homogenous group or lump them with homeless singles, which has resulted in a very limited picture of families. This report sheds light on the diversity and interconnectedness of homeless family subpopulations and stresses the importance of comprehensive data collection.

When a Solution Is Also Part of the Problem: The Complex Relationship Between Public Housing and Family Homelessness

Meeting the Child Care Needs of Homeless Families: How Do States Stack Up?

The American Almanac at a Glance

Percent of Homeless Adults in Permanent Supportive Housing in Subpopulations (2010)
(by household composition)

Percent of Homeless Adults in Subpopulations (2010)
(by housing status)

Interconnectedness of Homeless Subpopulations

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