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The Impact of Food Stamp Benefits on Family Homelessness in New York City (Revised)


In 2010, 50% more New York City families received SNAP benefits, or food stamps, than at the start of the recession in 2007. Unfortunately, these benefits are calculated without accounting for the City’s higher cost of food, depriving these families of the same degree of relief felt elsewhere. This brief outlines how families at risk of homelessness are struggling to balance adequate nutrition with housing costs.

This is a revised report. The previous map for Figure 2 in the printed version displayed the percent of all SNAP-receiving households that have children under the title "Percent of Families With Children Receiving SNAP Benefits." The new map displays the percent of all families with children that receive SNAP benefits, which was the original intent.

Profiles of Risk No. 9: Child Health

Profiles of Risk No. 6: Maternal Health and Well-being

A Tangled Web: Homeless Family Subpopulations and Their Overlapping Needs

Percent of Families with Children That Receive SNAP Benefits
(by borough and year)

Percent of Families with Children Receiving SNAP Benefits
(by community district)

Median Monthly Income and Average Monthly Price of Food for SNAP Recipients
(by city)

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