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Profiles of Risk No. 9: Child Health


This brief, the ninth in the “Profiles of Risk” series examining characteristics of homeless families in the United States, explores differences in the health of children by their housing status. Children of unstably housed mothers have low birth weight, suffer from asthma, and visit emergency rooms more often than,their stably housed peers. Ever-homeless children also visit dentists less frequently than those who are stably housed, suggesting that children who experience housing instability experience health disparities from an early stage.

The Atlas of Student Homelessness in New York City

When a Solution Is Also Part of the Problem: The Complex Relationship Between Public Housing and Family Homelessness

The Invisible Majority: Doubled-up Students in New York City Public Schools

Low-weight Births and Maternal Prenatal Behaviors
(by housing status years 1–5)

Asthma at Age 5
(by housing status years 1–5)

Emergency Room Visits at Age 1
(by housing status years 1–5)

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