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Number of ACS Child-Care Subsidies

*Capacity for Fiscal Year 2012 is through January 2012.

Sources: New York City Independent Budget Office, City’s Subsidized Child Care System Faces Rising Costs, Shrinking Funds, 2010; City of New York, Mayor’s Management Report Fiscal 2011; New York City Administration for Children’s Services, ACS Monthly Flash Indicators Report, January 2011; New York City Administration for Children’s Services, EarlyLearn Request for Proposals, May 2011.

From the Report: Little Room to Play: How Changes to City Child-Care Policies Reduce Opportunities for Working Families

Meeting the Child Care Needs of Homeless Families: How Do States Stack Up?

A Tale of Two Students: Homelessness in New York City Public Schools

A Hand Still Raised: How New York City's Homeless Students Fit into Charter Schools

Dr. Ralph da Costa Nunez on CUNY TV
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