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Gap Between Need and Availability of Affordable Units for Poor Renters

Note: For 1970-95, "poor renter households" are households earning less than $12,000 annually (in 1995 dollars), and the term "affordable rental units" means housing costing under $300 per month (in 1995 dollars). For 2001-09, "poor renter households" are households with annual earnings of less than $18,310, the federal poverty line for a famil of three (in 2009 dollars), and the term "affordable units" means housing costing under $458 per month (in 2009 dollars). The dates cited were selected on the basis of availability of data and consistenc with prior ICPH reports.

Source: Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, In Search of Shelter: The Growing Shortage of Affordable Rental Housing, 1998; ICPH analysis of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development's Housing Affordability Data System.

From the Report: A Home by Any Other Name: Enhancing Shelters Addresses the Gap in Low-income Housing

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