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#BeInformedNYC: Informing Candidates and Voters about Poverty and Homelessness in NYC

With homelessness in New York City at its highest rates since the Great Depression, ICPH launches #BeInformedNYC, to inform candidates and voters about the grave effects of poverty. The infographic campaign will share stats, trends, and stories about the hidden homeless--the unseen thousands of children and their families who cycle in and out of homeless shelters or face the threat of having nowhere to live.

Whether you are a voter who cares how effectively your tax dollars are being spent, a journalist who wants to report the facts, or a candidate for office who needs to know about one of the most pressing social issues plaguing our city, #BeInformedNYC will offer regular updates to keep you up to speed during this important election year.

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Dr. Ralph da Costa Nunez on CUNY TV
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