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Volume 2.1 - Winter 2011

Reaching Youth through Sports
By Carol Ward
Access to Athletics Improves Outcomes for At-risk Youth
With the ratio of youth to sports facilities higher in inner cities than in higher-income suburban communities, several programs nationwide seek to reduce the disparity in access to sports for disadvantaged children.
Employment Challenges
By Carol Ward
Safety Net, Training, and Understanding — All Crucial to Getting and Keeping Jobs
For every successful climb out of poverty there are dozens of failed attempts. It takes an extraordinary amount of perseverance, usually coupled with training and assistance from others, to break out of the cycle.
Viewing Homelessness through a Lens
By Stephanie Harz
Documentaries Capture a Reality Words Cannot Explain
Three newly released documentaries examine the lives of homeless families and youth. They are a reflection of the times, highlighting the increase in the number of homeless families throughout the United States.
Finding a Way Back Home
By Joan Oleck
Families Struggle as Aging Parents Face Homelessness



Poll Gives Voice to New York City's Poor

Resources and References


on the Homefront
From Backpacks to Snack-sacks: Programs throughout the Country Serve Weekend Meals to Kids in Need

on the Record
Grassroots Homelessness Advocates

The National Perspective
Federal Funding Essential to Finding and Aiding Homeless Students

The Historical Perspective
Josephine Shaw Lowell and the Founding of the Charity Organization Society

Guest Voices
Ready or Not, Here They Come: A Blueprint for School Readiness that Pays Off for All

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