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Amid National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week, ICPH Launches New Web Site to Kick-start Dialogue on Family Homelessness


We are pleased to welcome you to our new, and much improved, homepage, www.ICPHusa.org. At ICPH, our goal is to foster an evidence-based, open-minded discussion about child and family homelessness that will lead to better policy outcomes for serving this vulnerable—and growing—population. Our new site is designed to provide a forum for that rigorous dialogue. 

Within the new site, you can access the full resources of ICPH, clearly organized and easy to navigate. Visit the Reports section to look through our accumulated research on child and family homelessness. You can search for reports and briefs by type and by topic. We’ll also be cataloguing our Charts and Graphics separately in a one-stop resource for visualized data. We encourage you to share our research with your friends and colleagues.

Other features of the new site include:

  • Behind the Research, an occasional series in which ICPH researchers discuss and explain their most recent research projects.
  • A Video and Podcasts section, which will contain a library of multimedia placing our work and published research in context.
  • The home page for UNCENSORED, ICPH’s magazine on American family experiences with poverty and homelessness.
  • The new home of the ICPH Bookstore, where you can browse and purchase our popular selection of research books, children’s books, and T-shirts and posters.
  • The home page of ICPH’s 2012 conference in New York City—less than three months away! Have you registered yet?

Thank you for your interest in ICPH. Be sure to check back regularly; we’ll be updating and improving the page with even more new features, including our new research blog.

Don’t forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter if you haven’t already.

Questions, comments, or feedback about our new Web site? Contact us at info@ICPHusa.org.

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