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As a better way of communicating the growing problems of family homelessness and poverty to a younger audience, Dr. Ralph da Costa Nunez wrote his first children's book, Our Wish, in 1997.

Our Wish is the first in a six book series that helps children understand what it is like to be homeless. All of the main characters are lovable animals and are used to help children better relate to and comprehend the difficult topic of family homelessness. Our Wish was followed in the series by Cooper's Tale, Saily's Journey, Voyage to Shelter Cove, Mango's Quest, and the most recent release, Ears Up, Ears Down: A dog’s journey home.

ICPH created accompanying activity books for children to interact and connect with both their peers and the characters. In addition, the animated video collection, Home at Last, was created to go along with these books. The animated videos touch on different ways children are affected by homelessness and poverty and include well-known children’s book authors reading several books from the series aloud. All books and supplementary materials are geared toward grade levels K–5.

Mango's Quest Activity Book

Join Mango in his search for a home of his own! This activity book is the companion to Mango's Quest.


Voyage to Shelter Cove

This book tells the story of how Serena, Herman, Pedro, and Penelope find friends, solace, and sea kelp at Shelter Cove after the destruction of their coral reef. Voyage to Shelter Cove is the fourth in our series of children's books designed to introduce school-age children to issues surrounding family homelessness.


Voyage to Shelter Cove Activity Book

This activity book is the companion to Voyage to Shelter Cove. Help the friends find their way to Shelter Cove! Once there, meet Auntie Oona and join everyone as they participate in Shelter Cove activities and search for new homes.


Saily's Journey
When Saily the Snail loses his shell in a storm, he sets off on a journey to find a new home. Join Saily and his friends as they embark on an adventure they will never forget.22


Cooper's Tale

When two fat cats take over the cheese shop, Cooper the pink mouse suddenly finds himself homeless. The friendship he develops with three homeless children changes all of their lives in ways they never expected.


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