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Volume 3.3

The Fall 2012 issue of UNCENSORED focuses on programs that counteract the negative effects of homelessness onchildren’s speech development. Other articles concern one woman’s experience in a domestic-violence shelter, the history of Mothers’ Pensions in the U.S., and recently published young-adult novels with themes of youth homelessness.

Volume 3.2

The Summer 2012 issue of UNCENSORED spotlights service providers nationwide navigating treacherous terrain to help undocumented immigrants in poverty. This edition also provides a historical perspective on public housing in New York City, investigates states’ efforts to curb SNAP benefits, and features UNCENSORED’s first political cartoon.

Volume 3.1
Volume 2.3

The Fall 2011 issue spotlights homeless LGBT youth, the not-so-uncommon phenomenon of "couch-surfing," and housing assistance for survivors of domestic violence. Also inside this issue, the history of settlement houses in America is explored, along with theater programs that are used for awareness and advocacy.

Volume 2.2

The Summer 2011 issue of UNCENSORED takes an on-the-ground look at the trends shaping family homelessness in communities across America. With reporting from around the country, articles examine how art programs provide stability to homeless youth.

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