A Shelter is Not a Home … Or Is It? — Revisited

A Shelter is Not a Home … Or Is It? — Revisited


By Ralph da Costa Nunez

146 pages.



A Shelter is Not a Home … Or Is It? — Revisited raises the fundamental question: have shelters become permanent fixtures on the poverty landscape? By exploring the evolution of New York City’s shelter system over a 27 year period, this work suggests that shelters have perhaps become a surrogate for traditional low-income housing. It explores various policy initiatives implemented by four city administrators, explains how congregate shelters, welfare hotels, and transitional housing grew, and looks at why, despite all efforts, the problem has only been exacerbated. Ultimately, this book brings us up to date with the New York City shelter system as it is today: a system overwhelmed by over 9,000 families with over 16,000 children. Within that context, it identifies unique opportunities to understand the causes of family homelessness and poverty itself. By harnessing the power to foster change within shelters themselves, it offers a blueprint to successfully move families from homeless to permanent independent living.

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