Summer 2013, Vol. 4.2

Our spring issue features “It Takes McCarver to Raise a Child: The Tacoma Housing Authority’s Education-based Fight against Homelessness” and “Beyond Freedom: Survivors of Domestic Violence Learn Self-Care.” The National Perspective focuses on “The Struggles of Homeless Hispanic Families;” The Historical Perspective revisits “Fresh Air for City Kids: the Early Years of Summer Camp”; the Voices column looks closely at “Rapidly Re-Housing Homeless Families: New York City—a Case Study.”…

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Rapidly Rehousing Homeless Families: New York City—a Case Study

This opinion brief points to New York City as a case study on rapid rehousing and takes a critical look at the long-term impact of federally driven rapid rehousing policies, raising fundamental questions about the effectiveness of rapid rehousing as a solution when it is used in a one-size-fits all manner.…

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