The Journal of Children & Poverty is a biannual journal published by the Taylor & Francis Group focusing on innovative research in the areas of education, health, public policy, and the socioeconomic causes and effects of poverty in the developed world. The Journal seeks to influence policy and practice in the fields of child and family welfare.

Homes for the Homeless (HFH) helps create lasting solutions for families experiencing homelessness through the operation of three Community Residential Resource Centers (CRRCs)—one in Queens and two in the Bronx. CRRCs combine the basic services of a traditional shelter with a full range of inclusive programs designed to meet the diverse needs of homeless families residing in the shelter and citizens from surrounding neighborhoods. HFH develops practical skills such as financial literacy and job readiness for parents while enriching the lives of children through educational programs, youth development, and fun recreational activities, all the while paving the path for families to move forward.

Homes for the Homeless Summer Camps provides hundreds of children living in homeless shelters, foster care, and underprivileged households in New York City with an enriching and free summer camp experience. Since 1989, Homes for the Homeless (HFH) Summer Camps has brought more than 530 homeless children from New York City to camp at Harriman State Park each summer. The camp also features a Teen Leaders program, which enables former campers to come back as counselors in training. HFH Summer Camps offer a welcome opportunity for low-income and homeless children to escape the stresses of everyday life, and to engage in fun, healthy, and educational activities.