The Invisible Majority: Doubled-Up Students in New York City Public Schools

Homelessness is now so pervasive in New York City that it directly affects roughly one out of every 13 public school children. Over 83,000 students enrolled in city public schools in school year (SY) 2013–14 were identified as homeless. More than half of those 83,000 homeless students are living doubled up in someone else’s apartment due to loss of housing or economic hardship. This brief examines the growth in doubled-up students across the boroughs between SY 2010–11 and SY 2012–13 and the significance it has for city policies.…

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A Tale of Two Students: Homelessness in New York City Public Schools

During school year 2012-13 there were over 80,000 homeless students in New York City’s public school system, a 60% increase in just six years. This new policy report looks at the academic and behavioral challenges facing these students, as well as the impact of homelessness on their performance in school and their probable outcomes by 12th grade and beyond.…

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