Fall 2014, Vol. 5.3

With the latest statistics showing that there are now nearly 1.3 million homeless students in the United States, focusing on education is more important than ever. In our Fall 2014 issue, we are excited to have education, for both children and adults, serve as the single unifying theme.…

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Spring 2014, Vol. 5.1

In “Bringing Child Homelessness into Focus,” the internationally renowned photographer Craig Blankenhorn shares his work documenting homeless families across the country. “A Sweet Mission,” features the Yonkers-based Greyston Foundation, with its open-hiring policy for the Greyston Bakery and its programs to employ, train, support, and encourage struggling adults who are trying to provide for their children. These stories are just two components of our Spring issue, whose many perspectives on a growing problem offer a wealth of information, insights, and challenges.…

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Spring 2013, Vol 4.1

The feature articles in this issue take both broad and up-close looks at the work of serving poor and homeless families. Our cover story, “Healthy Beginnings, Healthy Life,” which examines widespread efforts among medical professionals and others to ensure the well-being of mothers over the long term. “Lives in Transition,” meanwhile, focuses on one facility, Transition House in Santa Barbara, California, which works with families who are motivated to overcome the crises that have led them to homelessness and rebuild their lives. …

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