Webinar: The California Interactive Map

Watch the webinar.

As you may know, student homelessness is a growing crisis around the country. In an effort to help shed light on this issue, we’ve created interactive maps to provide information about homelessness in specific areas. Most recently, we’ve been working on a map for California, and we want you to join us for our demo! Join our Principal Policy Analyst, Josef Kannegaard and Senior GIS Analyst, Kristen MacFarlane as they walk through the various functions of the map and discuss different ways it can be used.

  • Explore data by Elementary, Secondary, and Unified LEAs.
  • Look at variables such as number and percent of homeless students, doubled-up students, and children living in poverty.
  • Discover McKinney-Vento subgrant status by LEA.
  • Search by district or county.
  • Filter by percent or number of homeless students.

As usual, we are eager to hear your feedback, so we will be ending the demo with a Q and A.

Watch the webinar.

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