Webinar Recording Available: Engaging Families + Supporting Children’s Educational Needs in Shelter

Webinar Description:

Enrich your experience of the Beyond Housing magazine by hearing from its authors and your colleagues. Join us on March 16 at 12 pm for a panel discussion webinar—“Engaging Families + Supporting Children’s Educational Needs in Shelter.” Practitioners will discuss program models that improve the lives of children experiencing homelessness and will get into the nuts and bolts of program development.

Webinar Participants:

Caroline Iosso, Senior Policy Associate, Homes for the Homeless (HFH), Welcome and Facilitation, coauthor of “The Data Digest”
  • Caroline Iosso is the Senior Policy Associate at Homes for the Homeless (HFH), where she conducts research and shares information about family homelessness with local and national stakeholders. Prior to joining HFH, Caroline was the Director of Advocacy and Strategic Communication at Opportunities for a Better Tomorrow. She has also worked as a shelter caseworker in Colorado, a fair housing advocate in Brooklyn, and a policy fellow with the New York City Council. Caroline holds a Bachelor’s in Geography and Latin American Studies from Vassar College and a Master’s in Public Administration from NYU Wagner. 
John Greenwood, Executive Director, HFH and ICPH, Opening Remarks, author of “Letter from the Executive Director”
  • John Greenwood is the Executive Director of Homes for the Homeless (HFH) and the Institute for Children, Poverty, and Homelessness (ICPH). John most recently served as Chief Operating Officer, after holding roles as Deputy COO, Administrator, Deputy Administrator, and Operations Assistant in his eight years with HFH. Between roles, John worked for NYC Emergency Management and the NYC Department of Homeless Services as Chief of Staff to the First Deputy Commissioner and as an Executive Director of Planning and Procurement. John received his Master’s in Urban Planning from Hunter College and has a BA in Sociology and Policy Studies from Syracuse University. 
Robyn Schwartz, HFH, Panel Moderator, author of “Time To Build A Better Shelter-to-school Bridge: A Retrospective on the Experiences of NYC Students and Families in Shelter during the Pandemic School Year”
  • Robyn Schwartz has been working for Homes for the Homeless for more than 15 years, currently serving on the policy team, among other projects. Robyn was previously Administrative Editor of the Journal of Children and Poverty and has held organizational metrics tracking and reporting roles at various agencies, including the Coalition for the Homeless of Houston/Harris County. Robyn holds a BA in Political Science from Columbia University and an MPA from Baruch College’s Marxe School of Public and International Affairs.


Michael Chapman, Director of Afterschool and Recreation, HFH, coauthor of “The Saratoga Youth Council: Giving Youth Experiencing Homelessness a Platform for Individual Development and Community Building”
  • Michael Chapman is Director of Afterschool and Recreation at Saratoga Family Residence, a family homeless shelter operated by Homes for the Homeless (HFH). Michael manages and develops educational clubs, activities, and recreation programming for families experiencing homelessness. Prior to his role at HFH, Michael spent 10 years working in homeless outreach for Goddard Riverside Community Center, ultimately assuming the role of Beacon Program Director. He previously worked as a Protective Service Caseworker for ACS. Michael received a Bachelor’s in Sociology from Rhode Island College and is currently pursuing a Master’s in Organizational Leadership from Nyack College. 
Roslyn Edwards, Director of Early Childhood Education, People’s Emergency Center (PEC), Philadelphia, coauthor of “Family Homelessness Providers and Head Start—Natural Partners: Taking the Model Statewide”
  • Roslyn Edwards is the Director of Early Childhood Education Programs at People’s Emergency Center, an agency specializing in services for the most vulnerable Philadelphians, especially those experiencing housing insecurities. Roslyn leads the direction of five early childhood programming teams. She is a graduate of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s Governor’s Institute, and a member of the Office of Child Development and Early Learning’s (OCDEL) Early Learning Council. Previously, Roslyn served the federal Head Start/Early Head Start program at national, regional, and local levels. Roslyn was educated in the Philadelphia public school system and earned her BA in Liberal Arts at Wheaton College in Massachusetts. 
Max Rein, Policy Assistant, HFH, coauthor of “The Saratoga Youth Council: Giving Youth Experiencing Homelessness a Platform for Individual Development and Community Building” and “The Data Digest”
  • Max Rein is a Policy Assistant for Homes for the Homeless (HFH). He helps create public policy research reports and resources to help inform HFH’s shelter operations and further the public conversation about family homelessness. Max is from New York City and holds a BA in Politics and Philosophy from Bates College in Maine. 
Joe Willard, Vice President of Policy, PEC, Philadelphia, coauthor of “Family Homelessness Providers and Head Start—Natural Partners: Taking the Model Statewide”
  • Joe Willard is the Vice President of Policy for People’s Emergency Center (PEC) in Philadelphia. PEC is an organization providing housing for families, children and youth who experience homelessness, community development, and public policy. Willard works on various city, state, and national coalitions and advocacy campaigns. Prior to working at PEC, Willard was the Associate Manager for Public Policy at the United Way of Southeastern Pennsylvania and the Associate Director at The Reinvestment Fund’s Regional Workforce Partnership. Joe has a bachelor’s from Penn State University and a master’s from Hunter College. Learn more about PEC at www.pec-cares.org.