Dr. Kristen Bub
University of Georgia

Dr. Demetrios Caraley
Columbia University

Dr. Steve Cohen
Columbia University

Dr. Jami Curley
St. Louis University

Dr. Amy Dworsky
University of Chicago

Dr. William Elliott III
University of Michigan

Jennifer Erb-Downward, MPH
Poverty Solutions at the University of Michigan

Dr. Michal Grinstein-Weiss
Washington University at St. Louis

Dr. Andrea Hetling
Rutgers University

Dr. Karen M. Kolivoski
Howard University

Dr. Karine Levasseur
University of Manitoba, Canada

Dr. Lisa Lopez Levers
Duquesne University

Dr. Nicole Mellow
Williams College

Dr. Alexandra Pavlakis
Southern Methodist University

Dr. Patricia A. Popp
College of William & Mary

Dr. Bess A. Rose
University of Maryland

Dr. Trina Shanks
University of Michigan

Dr. James Stronge
College of William & Mary

Dr. Elaine M. Walker
Seton Hall University

Journal of Children & Poverty
Current Issue

The Journal of Children and Poverty (JCP) publishes innovative research in the areas of education, health, public policy, and the socioeconomic causes and effects of poverty in the developed world.

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