Five Facts NYC Candidates Need To Know about Family Homelessness: May 1, 2021 Edition


Overview The New York City mayoral election will be a decision on the proper localized response to the continued pandemic, similar in its gravity to the 2001 mayoral election that followed the dual wounds of 9/11 and the related economic downturn. Given the current financial crisis and increased unemployment, many New Yorkers will be approaching…

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Disparities in Academic Achievement

Overview For the 105,000 students who experience homelessness every year in New York City, the ability to graduate high school is one of the most powerful tools they have for breaking the intergenerational cycle of poverty and instability. Unfortunately, housing instability brings with it challenges for students, such as school transfers, higher absenteeism, and a…

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Food Insecurity & NYC’s Homeless Children

How does food insecurity impact children experiencing homelessness in my neighborhood? Over 105,000 or one in ten students in NYC public schools is homeless. In some school districts, as many as one in five students experiences homelessness. Hunger and the high cost of food are a devastating reality experienced by NYC’s homeless children and their…

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