Fall 2015, Vol 6.3

The Fall 2015 issue explores the technology gap between low-income students and their peers in “The Digital Divide;” describes the home visiting model of support for expectant and new parents in “Changing Lives with a Knock on the Door;” and shares how City of Refuge, a nonprofit in Atlanta, Georgia, is addressing the booming suburban poverty rate with innovation that includes culinary and automotive social enterprises in “Middle Class by Middle Age.”…

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Spring 2012, Vol. 3.1

This issue’s cover story delves into local programs and national trends to provide better access to and awareness of healthy foods and food preparation—from rooftop gardens to mobile produce deliveries and junior chefs. The issue also looks at the push for financial literacy among low-income families, how homeless, formerly homeless, and foster-care youth are choosing to speak up for change, and more.…

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Spring 2011, Vol. 2.1

The Spring 2011 issue explores how sports can help disadvantaged youth succeed in “Reaching Youth Through Sports;” the barriers that make it difficult to break the cycle of poverty in “Employment Challenges;” and the unique challenges of elder homelessness in “Finding a Way Back Home.” The issue also features voices from the field of grassroots advocacy in “On the Record.”…

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